The Lure of Sirens

The photographic impulse is built around the brilliance of the apparatus. Our eyes are drawn to that which seduces our vision. While held captive we then capturer or freeze, collect or archive the desired moment or object of beauty in a single frame. We can keep this moment and all its preciousness as a fragment of memory, a sliver of the real as we had once imagined it. It is the voice that has seduced the mind of image makers like David Weinberg. He has followed the song of sirens to an abstract world of distorted form and chaotic representation.

In The Lure of Sirens, Weinberg states a nonlinear narrative within a series of abstraction that aims to arrest the viewer in its epic scale and fluidity. Through a process of photographing reflections in motion, the images begin to depict figures which emerge through spiraling color that evokes the fabric of a lover’s bed, or perhaps the mystical fog from a hot summer dream. Weinberg utilizes abstraction to serve as a barrier between desire and the tangibly real, which creates a surreal landscape. It is a work that is inspired by mythology, neoclassicism, and sexual impulse.

(Archival Pigment Prints in Dibond Editions of 5)

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