New Work

When the history books write about the 21st Century, the years 2020 and 2021 will stand out as the most influential period in America. I chose to tell a version of what transpired with my art. I starting making collages in March 2020, when we were first advised to stay sheltered at home.

Fearing being exposed to COVID, I did not grab my camera and go to the streets but, instead decided to work with my photo archives, newsprint, and my computer. I wanted each collage to represent my fears and anger at what was taking place politically, medically, socially and economically.

When the insurrection of January 6 took place, I thought it might be a good ending place for my collage-making. Instead, it was the beginning of another story about the battle to maintain our democracy. Again I start that story with fear and anger: fear that our American way of life is being threatened and anger at the thought that a political party could endorse such a notion.

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