Where My Heart Is Still

Where My Heart Is Still, 2016 - present

The scrapyard in this book really exists. It is the place that I keep returning to year after year to photograph, to observe and to take in the silence of long-forgotten, discarded objects. This place beckons me: I have done no less than three photographic series in this scrapyard. Each time I find myself capturing a different aspect of the place, noticing things I’ve missed before. Age Of Grace is an abstract study of complex objects as their vibrant, shining surfaces decompose into a worn and rich patina. It speaks to the dignity of aging, which was a curiosity to me when I was in my sixties. Laid To Rest came about after my mother’s death and features a spinning ballerina making her way through a labyrinth of discarded objects and landing under a headstone. It was a way of my acknowledging the inevitable birth and death of everything.

Where My Heart is Still speaks to my evolving perception of the yard as my worldview changes. What began as a simple seduction to the wealth of forms and textures that inhabited the scrapyard, soon became an appreciation for the environment in its entirety as a stage in which stories of growth, change, and obsolescence played themselves out. Now, I'm taking on a new endeavor to combine these photographs into a children's book. The main character of this story, Beth, personifies the freedom that allows one to view things uniquely as they grow. Like myself, she visualizes the scrapyard differently as she ages and matures--from a time the yard was merely a playground to her through it becoming a source of inspiration to a writer’s curiosity about the history of discarded objects. It serves a different purpose in her life as time goes by. My hope is that the young readers of this book will allow themselves the room to grow and change perspectives over time to more fully absorb the richness of the world around us.