Towering Mirrors, Mirroring Towers

Towering Mirrors, Mirroring Towers, 2003-2004

Tall buildings have been a fascination for me since childhood. Growing up in a suburb of Chicago, I was always excited to take family trips downtown. The sight of the skyline heightened my anticipation; I used to watch it first as a bulge on the horizon, then growing and growing until the skyscrapers loomed over us.

Later, working as a Chicagoland business executive, I saw those buildings every day. I never grew tired of them; I loved to find snapshots of urban life mirrored in the shining surfaces of glass and steel. Years later, those reflections of the city – clouds and sunlight, faces and buildings – became the inspiration for this series of photographs. I wanted to capture the places we live and work as I see them: accidental mirrors framing urban scenery in surprising ways, and showing us details and colors we are often too busy to notice.