Canon County

Canon County, 2013

From the days of my youth I can recall images of farmland, corn fields growing like blankets over the rolling hills of the American midwest.  It is this idyllic depiction of the American farmland that my memory shapes and my camera lens gravitates towards.  I began imagining Canon County to remember this idealized place, yet my memory is always ever informed by decades of inseparable knowledge.  Although the vision of my youth insists upon an image or concept of the farm as metaphor for renewal and a clear notion of the American dream, this utopia butts up against the reality of the dystopian state of American agriculture.  The loss of farm subsidies, rising cost of fuel, encroachment of city limits, and many environmental challenges reshape this image.  Canon County is reformed by both the idealized memory and the knowledge of ages, presenting a new narrative of the farmland. 

Installation Views

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